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Week three wrap up

Many thanks to Dave Caolo for an excellent presentation on Blogging for Artists tonight at the Arts Foundation of Cape Cod.  I particularly loved the exercise in which he asked us which of the alleged benefits of blogging were we skeptical of — I really admire a presenter that asks for that kind of feedback right up front, and at several points throughout the presentation.

Several artists are already on their way with setting up their own blogs, and I think a few really got inspired to start tonight.  But Dave seemed to have something for everyone, no matter where on the scale of things they were.

If you have started a blog, and you are in this class, please link to it in the comments to this post!  I will happily add each artist blog to the sidebar on the right, so thatwe can all watch them evolve over the next few weeks.

And really – don’t be shy!  We are all beginners here.  🙂


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I am sorry to relate that Jessica Burko is feeling poorly and so she will not be able to present as scheduled this week.  But the show must go on!

Instead, our presenter of Blogging, Dave Caolo, who was originally scheduled for April 29, will present his session this Tuesday.  We have already been discussing blogs and Twitter (which is a sort of microblogging tool) quite a bit in class, so this will answer some of the questions that have already been raised.

Jessica will pick up again where she left off next week — so participants in the class are not off the hook on developing and presenting their elevator/cocktail speeches!

As a matter of fact, with an extra week to prepare, we are going to expect nothing less than BRILLIANCE.

So we will see you, as scheduled, at the Arts Foundation of Cape Cod, Tuesday evening at 5:30 pm, for Dave Caolo’s session on blogging.

Thank you!

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