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Tina Mammoser, an artist in London who some of you now follow on Twitter, has been following our activities here in What’s Your Story, and she sent me an email in response to some of the questions that were raised last week about how to search for relevant podcasts.

Here’s what Tina had to say:

I heard in the talk that a couple people were asking how to find podcasts. So went and found these links:

other directories to search:
Results on any of these will depend on whether the podcaster has submitted their page to the directory with keywords and a description and things. Which I now realise I haven’t! oops. Google doesn’t have a podcast-specific search like it does for blogs. Surprising!
So there you have it!
This is very timely advice for me, as I am heading out to Western Massachusetts this weekend for my 15th college reunion at Mount Holyoke College, and I was looking for some podcasts to listen to on the drive.
Thanks, Tina!

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